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Planet Coaster gets dressed up for Halloween with the Spooky Pack

Planet Coaster Ghostbusters

What’s scarier than a roller coaster? The inevitable oncoming doom of modern civilisation, obviously, but also, spooky roller coasters. Such is the concept of Planet Coaster’s Spooky Pack DLC, tactically timed a month out from Halloween for surprise spooks. There’s a trailer above, and you can see what’s inside below.

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There are “hundreds” of new scenery pieces, including some of just about everything and themed hats. Hat DLC, in fact: Frontier know what they’re doing in the modern world. There’s also a batch of building pieces, of course.

Two new rides arrive alongside, with The Hoax haunted house for small spaces and The Huntsman being a motion-platform – a first for Planet Coaster that moves around your park without a track. Also, a guy in a massive ghost costume can now be paid to scare people who come to the park. Now that’s what I call capitalism.

It’s live on Steam right now for £7.99 / $10.99 / €10.99. Full details on everything inside as well as the patch that arrived alongside are available in a blog post.