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Take the Scizzer for a spin in update 1.1.3 for Frontier’s Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster Scizzer

Ahead of a bigger content launch in April, Frontier have released a smaller update for theme park simulator Planet Coaster, which adds a new flat ride, fixes for the notable gift shop bug and tweaks to curb odd guest behaviour when queuing for rides.

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The queuing issue is one that will take a long time to truly fix, as there are so many separate bits of data that go into guest behaviour and decision making, that Frontier have found it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of these discrepancies. However, update 1.1.3 should go someway to solving the issue, as park goers will now join longer queues, in order to address the problem of not enough guests queuing for rides. Frontier must have turned up the Englishness of all park attendees, making them more likely to stand in a queue and tut for hours on end. There have also been fixes to how guests access ride queues as well, which should stop guests mistaking empty queues for full ones.

As for the new ride, the Scizzer is a flat ride where thrill seekers are spun round on a twin axle centrifuge. Like the name suggests, this flat ride is based off the real life Scrambler and Sizzler rides, which are popular at almost every theme park around the world.

Frontier have added additional Guest Thought options to help players balance out their park, with guests now commenting on missing facilities, ride experience, ride wear and tear as well as the overall park layout. There are also language options for Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese along with the option to remove certain items from sale in specific shops.

All the patch notes are available on the Planet Coaster forums and watch out for more details on the big April update very soon.