Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter reaches $2 million with less than 24 hours to go


Planetary Annihilation, the proposed and appropriately planet-destruction heavy RTS from the creators of Total Annihilation and runaway Kickstarter success, has just reached $2 million in its last day of funding. Not only is that a hell of a lot of money, it also means there’s a new stretch goal fulfilled, and another to aim for. With ten hours left on the clock, we’ve got to see if they can nab another $60,000. It’s only $60,000. That’s nothing.

$2 million means we get Galactic War, where the game will create a randomly generated galaxy for you to conquer all by yourself, increasing the games longevity as a single player experience by a massive amount, and making it a genuinely more attractive purchase, at least to me and my love of slowly painting my colour all over a large patch of land. That was a $1,900,000 stretch goal, but they had another for $2,000,000.
Which would be a full orchestral score for the game, from the Northwest Sinfonia, who did the soundtrack for Total Annihilation, along with Halo and a bunch of films and games. So not only will you now be throwing asteroids around like some sort of solar-system sized trebuchet, but you’re going to be doing it with the full backing of a orchestra’s string section, to emphasise the delicate loneliness of space, while the brass hammers home the concept of flinging around great big chunks of rock with happy abandon.
As for the stretch goal at $2,100,000, that’d be a full documentary on the making of the game, a la what Double Fine did, and I think that’s a pretty fine thing to have, as a player. It’s too rare that we see inside studios without heavy filtering, and any peek behind closed doors to see exactly how things are created, and in what order, would be fascinating.
It’s also going to be very interesting to see how close they can get the game to the concept videos that they’ve made. My worry is that people have been pledging thinking that that is the game, rather than a very stylish and smart mockup of what the game should look like. Either way, it’s got the talent behind it to be superb, so hopefully there’s nothing to worry about.
If you haven’t supported Planetary Annihilation and like the idea of strapping a bunch of thrusters to a moon and playing conkers with planets, you can pledge to the Kickstarter here.