Planetary Annihilation: TITANS standalone expansion released, is free for Kickstarter backers

Planetary Annihilation TITANS

Uber Entertainment have released TITANS, a stand-alone expansion pack for the galaxy-spanning RTS Planetary Annihilation. It adds a massive amount of new units to the game, including the experimental Titans, as well as new modes and terrains. Whatsmore, If you backed the original game on Kickstarter, the expansion is yours for free.

The full, heavy list of additions can be found at the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS website, where you can see detailed breakdowns of every new unit in the game, including the ominous-sounding Ragnarok ‘Doomsday’ Titan.

A new Bounty game mode has been created for the expansion, which encourages aggressive play to avoid turtle stalemates. When a commander dies, the enemy that killed them gets a percentage bonus of their income, as agreed upon before the game starts. This encourages a more attack-heavy playstyle.

There’s also four new maps, ranging from two to eight players. The terrain now has much wider variety, including multi-level features in order to make traversal a little more interesting.

The game overall has had balance changes and tweaks to improve the experience, including better notifications and alerts, and an interactive tutorial.

Planetary Annihilation: TITANS is available now on Steam, priced £29.99. If you owned the original game before TITANS release, you can grab it at 66% discount.