Get free Station Cash for Planetside 2 from other SOE games


Psst. Hey! Psst. Sssh. No, over here by the bins. Shut that Door of Secrets behind you. How would you like to get 170 free SC for use in Planetside 2? Straight from SOE, totally legit.

Legitimate, free Station Cash for non-Prosieben players. Why does nobody ever believe me when I say that?

You’ll want to visit the websites of two of SOE’s browser MMOs – Free Realms and Star Wars: Clone War Adventures. Login with your Planetside 2 account info, sign up for each and you’ll be blessed with 170 SC, though you’ll have to go through character creation for the latter.

SOE’s exchange rate is nice and simple – 170 SC is equivalent to $1.70. Not tons, then, but something to put aside for a nice Scythe Light PPA over Christmas.

European accounts deal in Prosieben Cash, of course, so this is no use for them.

It’s no scam – merely a way for SOE to tempt players from one of their games through the portal of another. Who knows – maybe it’ll be you who becomes a devout Clone Wars Adventurer thanks to this something-for-nothing cash grab. Are you prepared for that eventuality?

Thanks goto eagle-eyed Planetside forumites for this one.

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