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Huge Planetside 2 changes incoming ahead of launch date announcement


According to a thread on the Planetside 2 forums, Planetside 2’s release date will be announced this thursday, alongside major changes to the game’s meta-game and performance. John Smedley, king of all is in there, laying down truth bombs like a vast, hulking MAX suit of rage. The biggest news: Planetside 2’s biggest and most important resource, Auraxium, has been thrown out.

The wiping of Auraxium is a huge deal for Planetside 2 players. It was previously used as a currency to spend in the Planetside 2 in-game store: an alternative to paying real cash. Now, cert points earned in-game do the same job. “After listening to the feedback in the thread we feel like this is the way to go,” says Smedley. “Keep in mind when we do this (with this next patch) we will be DRAMATICALLY INCREASING THE SPEED AT WHICH YOU GAIN CERTS. Something like 4X. Again folks, we play the game on non-admin accounts. We see the data. We see the issues. We’re fixing them.”

Smedley also explains that the game will launch in 2012: “We’ve chosen a date we feel gives us a great launch and the opportunity to improve the game to launch standards.” By launch, Planetside 2 will include the full three continents – Amerish is in despite speculation to the contrary. Also coming: what Smedley calls “a kick *** mobile app” for iOS and Android. Maybe the *** means bum.
But Smedley is realistic that Planetside 2 still has issues. “I don’t want anyone to think for a second we aren’t aware of the issues with the game. We’re very aware because not only do we play it, we take the time to read your feedback and do our best to respond to it and prioritize.” assures Smedley.

Performance is still number one on the agenda for the team, which makes sense due to the competitive nature of the game. “This is #1 with a bullet. We have major improvements coming in the upcoming patches. We’re aware it’s not perfect.” he explains. “This isn’t magic. It’s hard work. Planetside 2 is always going to have a higher end requirement than other similar games because of the scale of fights we have.”

Other smaller announcements include continued work on weapon balancing, inserting the remaining certs, fixing the instant action mode and creating a small tutorial for new players. In the comments below Smedley squeezes in some additional information about an “Awesome Player Website is coming soon. Within 2 weeks.”