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Ice Ice Baby: Planetside 2 Esamir continent goes live this weekend


Things are about to get chilly in Planetside 2 as SOE bring the game’s second continent online. Esamir, is a landmass of ice and snow. Although yetis have not been confirmed, after you see the video below you’re going to want to grab a Tauntaun and go abominable snowman hunting.

Combat in Esamir will be focused on far fewer bases – 15 compared toIndar’s 52,Planetside’s other continentIndar’s 52 – meaning big battles, a need for organisation amongst the platoons, and much intergalactic death.

According to SOE in “Esamir, base capture methods will be adjusted – strategize accordingly. Shield generators won’t be disabled as easily, so expect to run an overload process to secure victory. Additionally, soldiers will have new certifications to handle vehicles and weapons better, along with new sidegrades (LMGs, Carbines, Assault/Sniper Rifles) for each empire.”

We also have this exclusive footage:

If you’re not yet in Planetside 2’s beta then you can always buy your way in. Tim explains whether you should do that.