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New Planetside 2 trailer from Gamescom, christened “POWER”


After days spent piecing a trailer together in preparation for Gamescom, it’s understandable that SOE might begin to feel a certain attachment – so much so, in this case, that they’ve given it a name: POWER. It’s capitalised, making it a surefire hit among schoolyard bullies, but a sweet parting touch nonetheless. And blimey, would you just look at the scale of the thing.

Planetside 2, that is. Scores of gunners soar over the walls of a soon-to-be-belonged base, every one of them a potential you or I.

Tim went hands-on with Planetside 2 at Gamescom today, and found it to be gloriously free of the compromise evident everywhere in the original game. It just works, apparently.

Witness some of that uncompromised everything in POWER, the trailer below. With any luck, that’ll work too: