Planetside 2 aimbot hack appears


Nothing’s surer. Grow a half-decent multiplayer FPS and hackers will sprout up around it. Imagine them as GM weeds designed to hate games. That’s sadly still true for shooters of the MMO variety, where the number of players affected per server is exponentially higher. Step up Planetside 2, latest victim of an old acquaintance – the aimbot.

The aimbot snaps the crosshair to enemies as soon as they’re in sight – all the player need do is hold down the trigger. It also incorporates a simple trick which makes player usernames, distance and health visible at all times, even through walls. It’s enough that hackers are able to consistently get the drop on enemies as they emerge from doorways unawares.

The hack’s listed features also include a 2D radar and ‘gravity compensation’. Not included is the will to destroy everything good and true in the world. You’ll have to find that for yourself.

We’ve reached out to SOE for comment.