Planetside 2 Commissar hat image hints at new apparel


If Valve have taught the games industry anything it’s that hats sell like hot cakes, hot cakes dressed in spiffing attire, including, at a bare minimum, a fedora and cape. So it is that we see SOE reveal that the Terran Republic forces are soon to receive a Comissar’s hat with which to deck out their players.

There haven’t been any details released about the image as yet but the door

SOE’s art director posted the image of the Terran Republic Commissar hat to Twitter on Friday stating that more information would be incoming from creative director Matt Higby. He’s yet to speak on it but clearly this is to be a cosmetic item for the TR army.

What it could also indicate, though, is the beginning of a new series of cosmetic items that will allow us to differentiate our generi-soldier on the field of battle. There’s nothing in SOE’s development roadmap about class specific cosmetic items, or cosmetic items at all, so it may be that anyone can buy and equip these updates. Possibly, though, it could be that certain items are restricted to people who have attained certain ranks. You wouldn’t want a whole platoon of TR decked out in commissar hats after all, would you?

Something else we can speculate on is that if TR are getting a special commander’s hat, then, surely the other factions are getting one too. Looking forward to what the Vanu high command would deem appropriate headgear.