Planetside 2 launches; let free global warfare begin


A little bit of the internet died earlier this evening as, at 6PM, thousands of players were able to begin playing Planetside 2, SOE’s epic in scale MMOFPS. Being free-to-play you, yes you, can hop in and start blasting away at friend and family for no pennies. Plus, as it’s available through Steam you don’t even need to worry about straying out into the wilds of the internet to get copy.

Further details below.

Now, as I said up top, Planetside 2 is available through the Steam store for free, though you may need to exit and restart the Steam client (a couple of us couldn’t install the game until we’d rebooted the old dear).

Next up, if you’ve been partaking in the Planetside 2 beta, unfortunately, your 7GB install is now invalid. Delete it, it’s a brick in your system at this point. You’ll need to do like everyone else and install through Steam.

Being free-to-play, SOE do of course have money grabbing ways woven into the game’s fabric. As well as using microtransactions you can buy into Alpha Squad – a little like a traditional MMO subscription providing boosted XP and game credits – Tim’s gone through the offerings and breaks down whether it’s worth buying.

If you’re still wondering whether Planetside is your sort of game you should have a look over this footage, recorded in-game, it’s pretty spiffing.

Also, tomorrowwe’ll be posting about how you can join us in the game,if you’re looking for some friends to play with.

Oh, one final thing, PC Gamer spotted this video by Crypski that shows Planetside being played at maximum settings: