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Planetside 2 membership benefits revised, no more increased resource caps


SOE have just revised precisely what sort of treats a Planetside 2 premium membership will bag you, as well as how much said treatment will cost you. For $14.99 per month, you can start earning up to 50% more nice stuff than your freeloading brethren. In response to player feedback however, some of the juicier benefits have been dialled down.

Here are the finalmembership benefits in full, revised to remove the previously included “increased resource pool caps”:

  • 25-50% increased resource gain.
  • 25-50% increased XP gain.
  • 25-50% increased passive cert point gain.
  • Note: Each of the above start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months membership.
  • Priority login queue
  • Early Access to new cosmetic items on the store
  • 500 StationCash each month

SOE explain that they removed the increased resource pool caps for members as it gave “a potential gameplay advantage”, and so edged the $15 membership plan uncomfortably close to something approaching a pay to win model — something they’ve been consciously avoiding.

The longer members retain their membership, the higher the variable percentage bonuses will become. Pay for one month and you’ll receive a 25% bonus to resource, XP and cert gain. Continue to pay for additional months and that bonus will increase by 5% month on month.Pay for six months up front, however,and you’ll immediately receive your 50% bonus. And t
hat 500 StationCash, it’s worth noting, is worth $5 alone.

The decision to revise the oldmembership benefits came after feedback from concerned Planetside 2players. *Polite applause*.