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Planetside 2 rate of fire is faster at higher FPS


“It ain’t easy,” sang David Bowie and, much later, The Sugababes. “It ain’t easy running humongous servers, each hosting hundreds of twitch-based firefights simultaneously.” Just how complicated SOE’s endeavour was became very much evident to the Thin White Duke in the original Planetside, which saw damage calculated server-side in a manner closer to Morrowind than Battlefield.

Fast forward to Planetside 2, and the ongoing march of technology has seen those issues all but disappear. All but one, discovered by players in the last couple of days. But it’s a biggie.

The two videos below highlight the difference in rate of fire for Planetside 2’s carbine at 30 FPS and 120 FPS. The change is significant enough to be obvious to the naked eye/ear; it might also be significant enough that a higher FPS means getting the drop on an equally skilled player.

Only a few spent clips into the second video, the player at 120 FPS is reloading seconds ahead of their 30 FPS equivalent. But is the difference real enough to upset the game’s balance? Let us know what you think.

Thanks to Mechlord173 and stew360 respectively.