Planetside 2 release date before December 31st this year; instant paid-for beta access for all from today


Planetside 2 will launch “on or before December 31st, 2012” say SOE. The new comes not emblazoned across the sky of the game’s beta as it should be, but rather in the small print of a new members package the developer has just announced – Alpha Squad – with which it’s now possible to pay your way into Planetside 2 beta.

Alpha Squad costs $39.99 / £29.99, and grants instant access to the ongoing beta, as well as 4000 Station Cash – Planetside’s in-game currency.

When the game launches, you’ll also get the pick of three camo sets – depending on your allegiance to the Planetside’s three factions – and be able to enjoy the in-game title of ‘Founder’, as well as twelve weapon unlocks and a quite substantial 10% XP and resource boost for six months.

The weapon unlocks will look something like this:-

Assault Rifle (Medics) – Fast rate or fire allows it to output a large of amount of damage in a short period of time, making it very effective at short to medium ranges.NCGR-22TRCycler TRVVSH-V45
Carbine (Engineers, Light Assault) – Balanced weight and controllable recoil allows the operator to maintain accuracy over automatic fire.NCAC-X11TRT5VSPulsar C
LMG (Heavy Assault) – Features three fire modes, allowing it to easily adapt to most situations on the battlefield.NCEM6 LMGTRTMG-50 BVSSVA-88
Sniper (Infiltrators) – Highly accurate and damaging at long range.NCLA80TRSR-7VSV10 The big news, though, is that Planetside proper will be with us in time for Boxing Day, and that beta is now open to anybody with the funds to spare. Is that you?