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Planetside 2 release date revealed - new Amerish continent shown


Planetside 2 has a release date. I’ll tell you what it is “after the jump”. Hah! Only joking, I’ll tell you right now because I’m not awful: it’s November 20, tweets John Smedley. A Tuesday almost precisely one month from now. This all comes ahead of news earlier in the week that Auraxium’s been scrapped.

Smedley tweeted the launch date from stage during last night’s SOE Live 2012, the developer’s keynote presentation. The SOE president also revealed that players can now reserve their usernames if they pre-purchase a Planetside 2 Alpha Squad membership, which is great news if you’ve got an in-demand namelike ‘John’ or ‘Brian’ or ‘Steve’.

Also shown for the first time was the game’s scenic third continent, Amerish. It’s got trees, grass and plains that could only be described as ‘rolling’.Here it is being exploded on and in: