Planetside 2 server merges coming “soon”, but don’t panic


At some point beyond Monday, Planetside 2 players from parallel existences are going to be picked up by the scruff of their necks and smushed into each other. They’ll probably accidentally kiss, lock eyes, and perhaps fall in love.

Because of this, and because headline-based discussion is much more floaty and fun than its stodgy, fact-infused equivalent, the internet’s going to be alight with commenters clanging the bell that marks Planetside’s demise next week. But server merging doesn’t have to be anywhere near as doomy as that. I’ll let SOE bossman John Smedley explain.

“Server merges soon,” tweeted Smedley around lunchtime. “Info coming by Monday. No server transfers coming till after that’s done. Wouldn’t be right doing it other way around.”

And then, the vultures dutifully swooped. Is the game a failure, John? Is it time for us to pull you back into the dirt to wallow with the rest of us?

“Hah. No,” replied Smedley. “Too many people went to some servers and not as many went to others. Simple as that.”

Simple as that. Nothing to see here, move along, please return to your vehicle madam.

Still – it’s going to be a logistical nightmare for SOE, as these things always are. Are you on an overpopulated server, perchance?