Planetside 2 server merges: who will collide and when


If you’ve been playing a Planetside 2 which features the shooting of men on a massive scale, well done – carry on. Details on incoming server merges after the break.

If you’ve been engaged in a Planetside 2 which plays like an arrhythmic Proteus – all peaceful sojourns through ambient woods – then I’m afraid I’ve some bad news. There’s going to be a pretty violent shake up early next week.

Planetside has suffered from something of a population imbalance of late – while some servers are well-staffed with willing shooters across all continents, others remain relatively sparse.

“This is a factor of which servers were most popular at launch, and players gravitating to one or two servers per locale,” says SOE’s Matt Higby. “Now that the crush of new players from launch and the holidays has died down, and our server populations and incoming new players have stabilized we have a good idea of where each server stands in terms of player population, empire population and we can model merges to optimize the populations.”

The servers to be merged are as follows:

US West:
Genudine and Helios -> Helios

US East:
Mattherson and SolTech -> Mattherson
Waterson and Jaeger -> Waterson

Cobalt and Lithcorp -> Cobalt
Ceres and Mallory -> Ceres

Connery, Woodman, Miller and Briggs will remain unsquished.

Players from dissolved servers will be moved wholesale, alongside their friends, outfits and certs. And shortly after the merges, SOE will be offering server transfer tokens for those who’d prefer to up sticks and settle somewhere else.

“The result of these merges will be a more consistent and full server population during off-peak hours, more players to support better utilization of all of the continents in the game and, generally a lot more massive in your massively-multiplayer,” pitches Higby, convincingly.

In other Planetside news, see the new Players Site for comprehensive character and progression stats, incorporating class, weapon, vehicle usage and all sorts of other useful bumf.

Are you among the merged? Do you want to talk about it?