Planetside 2 update 9 due this week; adds rush-lanes and possibly drops weapon prices


Planetside 2’s creative director revealed that update GU09 will be rolling out later this week, bringing with it rush lanes. Reports from the test server also suggest that we could be about to see a drop in weapon and boost prices.

First, what we know:

The update is coming this week and it definitely includes new rush lanes to be added to Indar. Rush-lanes, or the Lattice system, is an overhaul of the continent map that should force players into certain hotly contested areas and create more of the grand scale Planetside 2 warfare that we’ve come to love.

What SOE are doing is halving the number of avenues of attack for each territory, limiting the tactical options for invading generals. The lattice system dictates that only certain territories are valid for invading its neighbours, creating specific lanes of attack, lanes that defenders know they must defend.

For an in-depth look at the new system you can read Higby’s announcement post.

The system’s only being applied to Indar at first and Higby says that they can deactivate it pretty quickly if any problems arise.

A suspected change in the coming update was spotted by players on the public test server. They noticed that there have been significant drops in weapon and boost prices, which combined with the recent increases in cert gain should allow players access to better weapons much faster.

When the update launches we’ll give you a more detailed rundown of the changes.