Planetside 2 video shows swampy continent Hossin


SOE are spooling up to release the fourth continent for Planetside 2 – Hossin, a swamp-based land, will be hitting the public test server later this week. To excite players and reveal something of what the place will look like, the first footage of Hossin’s been released. And, for a swamp, it’s oddly pretty.

It certainly looks a lot more foliage-y than the other Planetside continents. It should provide infantry groups a fair bit of air cover. Though, what with the swamps wanting to suck any unwary trooper down into the depths, it’s hardly going to be safe for the ground-bound grunts.

SOE aren’t making it easy to dominate Hossin, either. Facility defenders are being given further means of holding their territory in the form of light bridges. While the facility is held these bridges provide defenders direct access routes to the buildings, if attackers step on them then they’ll fall to their deaths, or at least grave injury. Meaning, any assault will have to take the indirect means.

Cheers, Ten Ton Hammerand VG247.