Planetside 2 will let you phone your friends in-game


Watching the Planetside 2 E3 presentation, they dropped the most exciting, game-enhancing information right at the end. Planetside 2’s smartphone applications will allow you to phone into in-game voip and talk to your friends.

That’s brilliant, especially as the video points out, the game delivers real-time game information to the phone and website. Players not at a game-capable PC, not even in front of a PC, can still help those online: they can take a wide-view of the server and let the group know what’s going on, fulfilling the dream of everyone that’s wanted to be the man with the plan, ordering grunts to death.

Other exciting info bombs dropped in the E3 presentation include the fullsome stats that the site will deliver, and a quick look at the game’s classes and customisation: despite the military leanings, you’ll be given plenty of leeway to turn your soldier into a fabulous peacock of war.

The dev team also announced that they’re preparing the game for the first round of public beta testers. Those with an actrive sub for the original Planestide, and those who have a beta keys from something called “PC Gamer” will be given priority when the game finally launches.

Take a look at this quick rundown of the planned features. Guns, drop-ships, garish clothing! I can’t wait.