Watch Planetside’s final meteoric moments as servers shut down for good

Planetside 1 meteors

Planetside 1 shut down its servers for the last time early this morning after 13 years of civil war amid a hailstorm of meteors.

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There are few things sadder in an MMO’s lifetime than watching the final moments before The Big Shutdown, and footage of each always offers an insight into what the game meant to each player.

Steven Messner captured his squad’s last deployment on Ishundar, one of Planetside’s continental battlegrounds, as meteors fell on what was left of the “planet”.

The meteorstorm had only been seen a few times throughout Planetside’s history, such as during the in-game event The Bending in which the planet was exploded, though each playable continent remained perfectly intact floating near each other in space, luckily. Aren’t space physics convenient?

Steven and his crew see their inevitable death through and then reminisce on all the good times they had together in Planetside, as that’s what MMOs are all about, really. That and wasting so much time you fail your GCSEs.