SOE open new Planetside 2 EU server to meet demand; more US servers coming


The boys and girls at Sony Online Entertainment worked a 30-hour day yesterday, according to CEO John Smedley. I’m not even sure if that’s a temporally sound concept, but just see if that stops them hammering away at the kinks in Planetside 2’s launch. Right now, that involves launching a new world to keep up.

“We are opening another EU world immediately,” tweeted Smedley.

“Sorry for the queues. We will be opening more in the US as well.”

Another common issue has seen international players with servers hosted by Prosieben – i.e. anybody outside North America – crashing at the game’s launchpad, but that’s reportedly sorted now too.

“That was SOE’s fault,” said Smedley. “Sorry. We fixed it.”

Are you playing Planetside 2 on a European server? Busy, is it?