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EA are planting seeds for another Plants vs Zombies game on PC

Plants vs Zombies

When it comes to Plants vs Zombies on PC, we’ve faced poor crops for a long time. While the original released here first, the sequel launched on mobile devices - and hasn’t been in any hurry to work out which of its microtransactions might prove palatable in a potential big-screen upgrade.

We’ve been forced to look for the good in Facebook’s Plants vs Zombies Adventures, or make do with competent cartoon CoD-alike Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. But what’s this sunlight, dripping like nectar from the sky? A new entry for the PC?

EA published results for the last financial quarter of 2015 yesterday - and listed a number of games in its stable planned for release next year.

Among them were Star Wars: Battlefront, a new Need for Speed, various acronymed sport games - NBA, NHL, FIFA, PGA - and a Plants vs Zombies game attached to a different acronym: TBA.

It’s penciled in for the fourth quarter of 2016’s fiscal year - which in meatbag-speak means sometime between July and September. Whether it’ll be a proper sequel or a Garden Warfare sequel is unknowable at this stage.

Plants vs Zombies

It’s worth noting, too, that EA are raking in money from digital now. They estimate $2,550 million of the next financial year’s $4,400m will come from digital revenue; in 2012, it accounted for just $1,227m of that year’s $4,186m.

Money, eh? Is another Plants vs Zombies a good use of it?

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boniek83 Avatar
boniek83(5 hours played)
2 Years ago

Mobile, micro transaction infested version is actually really good. Graphics are spectacular, I miss Laura Shigihara's music from the first game though. You can play whole game and don't really need to pay anything. Sadly some of the plants, even some of the old favorites, are behind pay wall. Summing up - pretty decent sequel and one of android's best. Garden Warfare was garbage though.

Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(3 days 21 hours played)
2 Years ago

It wasn't always that way. On release it felt like it was pushing the player towards purchasing power ups and unlock keys. I agree though, it's very much improved over its life and perfectly playable without succumbing to the microtransactions. Alas, they also put microtransactions into the mobile version of the original.

Glen_Runciter Avatar
Glen_Runciter(3 hours played)
2 Years ago


the first game was great, I've actually started playing it again a few weeks ago

Tim Edwards Avatar
Tim Edwards(12 hours played)
2 Years ago

I've completed it about five times on various devices. Still keep returning to it. I imagine, though, that they're doing a sequel to Garden Warfare, which is significantly better than Jeremy's description of "competent".

Jeremy Peel Avatar
2 Years ago

Sure, you can call it 'quite good', but what happens to alliteration then? Priorities.