Player hits Borderlands 2 level cap in 43 hours


In 43 short hours, pro-gamer Matt “BLiTZ” Siegfried has rushed his way to the highest level in Borderlands 2, tapping the game’s ceiling at 50.

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“Matt “BLiTZ” Siegfried. Multi-genre/multi-console world champion, speedrunner, high score chaser, tournament player, co-op lover, and OSU [Ohio state University]student” reached his target in 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 23.00 seconds.

The rules were simple:

  • must start at Level 1 with no pre-earned bonuses or equipment
  • may play alone or with assistance
  • if additional players participate, they must begin at Level 1 and reach Level 50
  • must observeRecordSetter video game criteria
  • must provide video evidence

Playing as a Gunzerker with a Siren companion, Matt blitzed the game, adding his achievement to what he says is one of “over 2,000 #1’s in over 200 games”

Well done Matt, you crazy, driven man. Though he should watch out for the dangers of playing for extended periods of time.