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Battlegrounds devs would work 14-hour days even if you gassed them


As sales of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continue to explode, work at developer Bluehole Studio shows no signs of stopping. Brendan Greene, the eponymous PlayerUnknown, has even had to tell his staff that “he doesn’t expect them to work 14-hour days”, in response to the ridiculous hours they are putting into development.

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This admission comes from our interview with the man himself, where he discusses the crunch-like hours the team are putting into shining up the battle royale. “Some of them just don’t want to go home” says Greene, with some team members working way past their 10-7 work schedule, just to continue making and improving elements of the game.

Greene makes it clear that he doesn’t want these admissions to come off as him “boasting about how we overwork our staff”, but more to show just how devoted the development team are in making Battlegrounds the best battle royale game out there.

Greene even admits the team are so dedicated that if someone ever flung a gas grenade through the studio window, they would simply “bring a gas mask in and keep working.” I know some people are workaholics but that just sounds unhealthy. All this graft does seem to be paying off mind you, as Battlegrounds is a constant presence in both the top five most watched games on Twitch and the top five most played games on Steam.

For more insight on the development of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its meteoric rise to the top of the battle royale genre, our full interview with Brendan Greene will be available soon.