Dr Disrespect gets killed by the red zone in PUBG then calls the devs “braindead”

The game's creator has said "If you’re dying to the red zone, then, I’m sorry but you’re not a very good player"

Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has directed his epithetic ire at the developers of PUBG after dying to a red zone bombardment during a stream. Upon succumbing to the randomly dropped bombs, the battle royale streamer went on an unhinged rant about the mechanic and criticised the devs at PUBG Corp.

‘The Doc’ has been critical of red zones in the past, to the point where his viewers were eagerly anticipating “the rage” in his chat when the zone appeared over his head. “I’m telling you right now if this red zone kills me, I’m gonna be so pissed off,” he declares, before dying, quitting, and exploding (figuratively, this time).

“Get the fucking red zones out of the game you stupid, idiot developers,” he yells at the top of his voice. He goes on to say some pretty mean-spirited things about PUBG Corp’s approach to game design, misidentifying the studio as ‘Blueballs’ from its owner’s name ‘Bluehole’. Dr Disrespect was was a community manager and level designer for COD studio Sledgehammer before becoming a full-time streamer, which explains his confidence in criticising professional developers.

Here’s a clip from the stream (via Dexerto):

If you’re not familiar with PUBG, a ‘red zone’ is occasionally marked on the map and pelted randomly with mortar fire. If you’re caught in one, you’re unlikely to survive unless you escape or take cover, but you have a fair window of time in which to do so. It also incentivises movement, can be exploited for audio cover by canny players, and only affects small areas of the map.

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A controversial mechanic from the start, PUBG’s creator Brendan Greene has defended the red zone, saying “really, you shouldn’t be dying to the red zone. If you’re dying to the red zone, then, I’m sorry but you’re not a very good player.”

I wonder what ‘the Doc’ would say to that. The poor man is having a hard time of streaming lately, as it seems he’s struggling to find a game he enjoys – he’s previously said that Apex Legends could end up like H1Z1, complaining about its supposed lack of content.