PUBG gets cosmetic challenges to celebrate its 4th anniversary

M416s, hoodies, and Dance Emotes - oh my!

Four PUBG players with anniversary emotes and weapons

PUBG is nearly four years old! When March 23 rolls around, we’ll have had 48 months of chasing those elusive chicken dinners. To celebrate the festivities, the PUBG team is hosting a series of challenges you can complete to snag some anniversary-themed gear.

First up, we have a G-Coin giveaway. This one runs from today (March 11) to March 31 and tasks you with taking a photo of yourself with one of the recent winning graffiti contest entries in-game. Once you’ve done that, stick it up on social media with the “PUBG4thAnniversary” hashtag, and you may just win 1,000 G-Coins.

Next up, you’re getting the chance to win the 4th Anniversary Spectrum Solution M416 and a special hoodie. This challenge runs from March 18 to March 24 and involves completing one or more missions in normal or ranked modes. You can play PUBG for four hours, get four kills, play more than four matches, or finish a match in 4th place or above – I think I’m starting to spot a theme here.

Finally, we’re wrapping things up with a dance emote challenge. This one kicks off on March 25 and ends on March 31. The challenges are the same as the weapon and hoodie giveaway, so you can pick your favourite and do it again.

Here’s the celebration video the PUBG team threw together to mark the event:

YouTube Thumbnail

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