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Armoured vehicles are coming to PUBG in new event mode


Armoured vehicles are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as part of a new, unannounced event mode.

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Originally reported by VG247, dataminers Skin-Tracker found files in PUBG’s latest test patch which reference an armoured vehicle which has not previously been discussed.

The unearthed vehicle is an armoured UAZ, leading fans on Reddit to speculate about whether the vehicle has something to do with PUBG’s upcoming bullet penetration system.

Here’s what the armoured UAZ looks like:

However, PUBG’s lead community manager stepped in to clear up any rumours – revealing the armoured UAZ is, in fact, for an upcoming event mode which hasn’t been announced yet.

The upcoming event has not be officially confirmed by PUBG Corp but, for now, we know it will involve armoured vehicles.