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Team-mates can’t steal your kills in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now, thanks to assists

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Bluehole are implementing a new assists mechanic into Battlegrounds so that your greedy teammates can no longer nick your hard-earned kills. It should encourage more team play, since players won’t be battling over downed opponents while leaving threats standing.  

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The new assists system will make it so you always get the kill if you down an opponent and a teammate finishes them off. Your pal will get an assist for their trouble.

Things aren’t as rosy if an enemy steals your kill, though. If you down someone and an enemy takes the kill then they get the kill and you get an assist. It’s simple enough and seems fair.

Of course, people don’t always steal kills for selfish reasons – perhaps they want the downed enemy to stop them feeding info to their teammates, or maybe they want to stop them from crawling away. Either way, now you’ll both be rewarded, so it’s not an issue.

Check out this Twitch clip to hear Bluehole explain it.