Because PUBG wasn’t weird enough in 2021, it now has Baby Shark

Doo doo doo doo doo doo you want to see the weirdest PUBG crossover yet?

The PUBG crew hangs out with the Baby Shark gang

PUBG turned into one of gaming’s biggest success stories and launched what’s now one of the most prolific genres in the industry. It’s also gotten very weird since then. The PC game is now called PUBG: Battlegrounds, and both it and its mobile counterpart have gotten a load of bizarre crossovers over the years. I know that, and I thought I was prepared for whatever might come next – but now they’ve put Baby Shark in the game.

Yes, Baby Shark, the song that the young people in your life have probably made you sick of. Close to ten billion views on YouTube, infuriatingly catchy, impossible to get out of your head once you’re thinking about it. (Sorry, by the way.) The PC version of PUBG is still safe, thankfully, but a new PUBG Mobile event means you’ve gotta suffer the children’s song even in a game rated for ages 17+.

The event, which lasts until November 11, gives Baby Shark tokens for stuff like daily logins or playing with friends. You can then spend those tokens to get a Baby Shark emote, a Baby Shark outfit, a Baby Shark frying pan skin, or the Baby Shark music.

But hey, if Blackpink ended up in PUBG: Battlegrounds, who knows. Maybe you doo doo doo doo doo doo have some hope of seeing Baby Shark in the PC game.

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