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Help secure yourself a Chicken Dinner with this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds keyboard

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

You’ve landed in Pochinki and survived the initial brawl. You’ve got yourself a vehicle, some good loot, and, crucially, a pan. As players fall around you, you make your way into the top 10. You can nearly taste that chicken dinner. And then someone sneaks up behind you, and the dream is over. If you still can’t get your hands on that sweet, sweet chicken, help may be at hand in the form of a custom PUBG keyboard.

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Varmilo’s unofficial but aptly-named ‘Chicken Dinner’ keyboard comes bedecked in black, white, and gold keycaps. Many of those are also feature icons relating to their in-game hotkey functions, many of which I didn’t even know about before seeing the keyboard for myself.

The keyboard’s spacebar is arguably the most notable aspect of its design, exclaiming ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’, and the numbers ‘#1/100’ across the key. Depending on your relative skill, that’s either a debasing taunt, a challenge to rise to, or a reminder of past glories.

The keyboard is available from MechanicalKeyboards.com, and will set you back between $131 and $169, depending on size.