PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developers now officially PUBG Corp, a new subsidiary


What do you do when your game takes over the entire internet and just won’t stop growing? Give it everything it needs, even if that includes a complete company restructuring. Bluehole Inc, the folks behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds up until this point, have formed a new subsidiary called PUBG Corp – that’s their logo above, goodness knows how they came up with it. They’ll be in charge of developing the game going forward, as well as “global business opportunities.”

What is the best way to play PUBG? Third-person, naturally.

With the change comes expansion, as PUBG Corp (as we’ll now be calling them) have recently set up a US branch, and will be doing the same in Europe and Japan. They say that this will help create “centralized points of contact for players around the world” for their now-13-million-strong playerbase.

CEO of the new company is Chang Han Kim, who recently spoke to Bloomberg about the possibility of Tencent investing in the company, and has been involved in the development of PUBG as much as anyone. COO Woonghee Cho will be in charge of the business deals side of the, er, business.

In a statement, Chang mentions both “the game’s potential in the esports sector” and it becoming a “true global IP franchise” as growth areas. So, tournaments and sequels/spin-offs/tie-ins/merchandise. I feel like they’re going to have a pretty good second year.