A PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streamer was banned because houses didn’t load

battlegrounds interview

The PUBG community is in uproar (again) because another streamer just got hit with Bluehole’s banhammer. This time, it’s a streamer called Destiny – he was banned because walls didn’t load when he started the game, meaning he was free to see and shoot pretty much everyone on the map.

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Destiny didn’t shoot people, though. He headed to Pochinki, the most built-up area in the game, and proceeded to run people over. To them, they were safe inside of houses, but to him it was open season.

The streamer didn’t cause the bug, but he knew he was doing something wrong. I mean, count how many times he says he’s going to get banned in the video:

The reason the community are so angry about the whole thing because it wasn’t Destiny who caused the bug, that’s on the developers. Not only that, but what was he supposed to do? Kill himself? Close the game?

Then there’s the case of Grimmz, another streamer who showed viewers how to shoot underwater – an unintended mechanic. He’s knowingly causing and taking advantage of an exploit, yet he’s had no sanctions.

No doubt there will be another controversy in the PUBG community soon.