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The next PUBG patch will remove weapons from the lobby, split players up

PUBG lobby weapons

There are two major complaints about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, even as we move on from its official release date and far out of beta - it's full of hackers and it runs like I would if I actually had to do a 100-person battle royale (poorly, very poorly). As part of a new patch on the test server, both those things are being looked at by PUBG Corp.

PUBG is good, but what's the best battle royale game?

For stability, they're splitting up players at the start of a game. Rather than the VOIP nightmare hell of gunfire, insults, and random jumping, you'll find yourselves in a number of new, weaponless locations. The developers say this is "in order to optimize the server and game client performance" - presumably all the physics objects, impact events, and other bits were having issues.

"Previously, all the players would spawn together at the same location awaiting the start of the match. Lots of interaction among multiple players in such a small area had a high impact on the servers. To solve this, we have introduced multiple areas where players gather before the match start. As a result, the performance, both server and client-side, has improved."

On hackers, they're less descriptive, but do say that they will "be testing a new security (anti-cheat) measure that is still under development but we want to start gathering some data regarding it's stability and compatibility. Some PCs may experience compatibility issues during this test, which may cause crashes when starting the game."

Obviously, giving out specifics would rather spectacularly defy the point, but there is a feedback section on the official forums for people that experience issues not related to their aimbot.

Here's the full patch notes. It's on the test server now and will hit live once they've confirmed it does what they want it to and isn't causing major issues - usually within a week.

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cpt.fantastic Avatar
4 Months ago

"Lots of interaction among multiple players in such a small area had a high impact on the servers."

They will have to keep the players separated during match too to ensure better performance. I mean it sounds like they don't really know what to do with the performance problems.

The more you play the game the more obvious it is how poorly it still runs.

Sirjimjam Avatar
4 Months ago

The lobby consistently has the worst performance out of anywhere else in the game for me, once on the island it's fine because there aren't 99 other people right next to me.

You can't just say the game doesn't run well because there are loads of factors that come into game performance, how beefy is your PC? What are your settings like? How stable and fast is your internet connection?

I haven't upgraded any parts of my PC for a year or two but with the right settings I can still run the game at a stable 60fps.

xNuke Avatar
4 Months ago

I just want them to remove the damn clothing spawns!

warfarewarrior Avatar
4 Months ago

never had a problem in lobby always runs as smooth as the rest of game for me no more shooting 10 arrows in 1 guys head :(