PUBG’s armoured jeep event is live now

PUBG Metal Rain

PUBG’s latest event mode is live now. Metal Rain takes its name pretty seriously, introducing flare guns and falling jeeps into the game for a short time.

Savage is the PUBG map that Miramar should have been.

This week’s event takes place in Erangel, and will feature up to 12 squads of eight players. The flare guns it features (which were first discovered a few weeks ago) will spawn as normal weapon drops throughout the map, and firing one will give you one of two benefits. If you shoot a flare inside the safe zone, you’ll be rewarded with a supply drop – but be prepared to fight for it.

If you’re not safe, however, firing off a flare will reward you with a heavily-armored UAZ. It’s not entirely clear whether you’ll be able to fit your entire eight-person squad into one of these absolute units, but it would be very cool if you could. Either way though, be prepared for your new vehicles to be able to take an absolute beating from enemy players. It’s just a shame you can’t fire flare guns back in retaliation.

The event should be live now, and will come to an end on April 22 at 19:00 PDT (April 23, 03:00 BST).