PUBG season 5’s Miramar remaster boosts long-range weapon spawns and removes trash

The next Survivor Pass is all about the badlands

October 16, 2019 The new Miramar is live on PUBG test servers.

PUBG season 5 is indeed all about Miramar, as recent datamines have suggested, and the latest test server brings some big changes to the desert map. Perhaps most notably, it’s now going to be populated more long-range weapons across the board, but there are plenty of other changes large and small alongside Survivor Pass: Badlands.

Pistols are now 31% less likely to spawn, while spawn rates for ARs are up 12%, DMRs are up 29%, SRs are up 42%, and Win94s are up 30%. (The Win94 also now has an attached 2.7x scope and is exclusive to Miramar.) Similarly, scopes are 18% more likely to spawn, and helmets, bags, and vests have seen a “slight” increase – all in an effort to “better suit the long-range engagements commonly had across Miramar.”

It’ll be easier to find those items too, as there’ll now be a lot less trash and debris to navigate while you’re looting. You’ll find a new race track on Miramar, as well as a new gold Mirado. That car spawns only once per match at the garage outside of Hacienda del Patron. Miramar is also now populated with vending machines that’ll give you painkillers and energy drinks.

Outside of Miramar, PUBG now has a lot of throwing. You can throw helpful items to teammates, and you can now throw any melee weapon to attack your enemies. You can get details on how all that works in the patch notes on the official site.

You can also get a quick overview of everything in action with the video above.

The season 5 update is now on test servers, and is scheduled to hit the live game on Steam on October 23. Check out the best battle royale games for more from the genre that PUBG helped kickstart. Now that Fortnite has had its big relaunch, there’s no better time for PUBG to come out swinging.