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The Battlegrounds Movie hits every note of a good PUBG match

playerunknowns battlegrounds corridor digital movie

The rise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been so meteoric that it’s bypassed so much of what comes along with a game’s popularity. Suddenly we’ve moved from obscurity to the status of global phenomenon without that intermediate part where it’s a fan-favorite producing all this cool art and cosplay. It seemed we were a step away from a Hollywood movie before there was even a fan film.

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Luckily, that nightmare scenario isn’t coming to pass, because the unofficial Battlegrounds Movie was just released. It’s very good, capturing the essence of a fun PUBG match, right down to a very good player losing out due to the very lucky stupidity of some less qualified competitors.

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call this a fan film, since the folks who made it at Corridor Digital have worked with loads of game companies and other major organizations on similar videos. The PUBG film seems to be unauthorized, but PlayerUnknown himself has indicated he’s a fan.

Whatever the reasons behind its creation, the movie is a very fun six minute view. Now if only there were some kind of feature-length battle royale movie. Man, that would be something.

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