Score one for equality! PlayerUnknown commits to huge, visible dicks on all male models in PUBG | PCGamesN

Score one for equality! PlayerUnknown commits to huge, visible dicks on all male models in PUBG

pubg dicks playerunknown battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t just a great game to play, it’s also a great example of gender equality – and that’s why it’s so inspiring to see Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene personally commit to letting it all hang out there in the name of progress.

That’s right – only days after being called out for releasing a new woman soldier model with a very visible, perfectly textured vagina, Greene committed to fixing the problem by adding what he calls “big ol’ dicks” to all the male models.

Talk about equality!

“The road towards true gender equality is always going to be a long one,” explained Greene to Point & Clickbait. “That’s why it’s so important to have real, concrete goals that we can work towards – in this case, adding more dicks.”

“Women are always telling us ‘the way we are represented in video games makes us feel very uncomfortable’. We hear that. Listening to women is super important. And we think that a problem shared really is a problem halved.”

“We’re really excited to see how women feel, now that they could see a dick just appear in front of them, unsolicited, at any time. That’s gotta be a fresh and interesting scenario for women online. And if you ask me, that’s progress.”

Gender equality is currently in testing and should be deployed soon.

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hfm avatarai em brazuca avatarJnx avatarg.poubelle avatarThe DJ avatar
hfm Avatar
7 Months ago

It's hilarious that I thought this was real for 10 seconds, I couldn't see the point & clickbait kicker in my rss reader well.

Jnx Avatar
7 Months ago

I thought longer and linked this to my friends with enthusiasm. My shame is so great I had to turn ad blocker on.

g.poubelle Avatar
7 Months ago

Regardless of true or clickbait...

Video games are littered with male players choosing female avatars over available male avatars for various pointy reasons...

This kind of upgrade could attract a market of female players wanting to choose a male avatar over an available female avatar for a different set of pointy reasons.

And that would restore some equality : You'd have more female players using their male avatar to donate virtual gifts to male players using female avatars, because the female avatar looks cute !

Because every (male) MMO player knows (or more precisely happens to know, for unknown and untold reasons), that female avatars typically attract more gifts from other players then the male avatars do.

ai em brazuca Avatar
7 Months ago

assim que é bom HAHAHAH

The DJ Avatar
7 Months ago

yeah and can you add different genders too? there are more than 60