PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players have eaten 10,000 tons of chicken


Most reports on the numbers behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds refer to its outrageous sales figures. Of course, the real question is: how does that popularity translate into tons of poultry? 

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With a total of 10,255,021 games played and rapidly counting, at one chicken dinner per winner (winner), PUBG publishers Bluehole calculate that players have earned about 10,255 tons of chicken.

That’s only the most salient of many statistics Bluehole have shared about the game of the moment. Here’s another: of all player deaths in the game, almost three quarters – or 703 million – have come from guns. Of all gun deaths, 57% have been administered by assault rifles. And of all assault rifles, the most-used is the AKM, having killed 114 million players – narrowly ahead of the M16A4’s 103 million. The SCAR-L and M416 are almost tied for third place, with 90.7 million and 90.9 million respectively – the rare Groza, which can only be found in air drops, brings up the rear with 944,037.

If you jumped into your first game of PUBG quietly hopeful, only to get punched in the head and killed in its opening seconds, don’t worry: you’re twice as likely to get struck by lightning as to win your first ever game of PUBG (odds of the former: one in 3,000. Odds of the latter: one in 6,000.)

The longest-ranged kill in PUBG was 6,766 metres, which is almost the entire diagonal distance of the map. We’ve no idea how this was possible – surely a fluke, or possibly a hacker. Fun fact: that’s almost twice the range of the longest confirmed real-life sniper kill – of 3,450 metres – made in June this year.

Players in PUBG have travelled over 2.3 billion kilometres, which is almost enough to travel to Saturn and back. Interestingly, that distance was fairly evenly split between foot and vehicle – players walked 1.2 billion kilometres, and drove one billion (maybe they swam the missing 0.1 of a billion).

And, finally, the total accumulated playtime of all PUBG players is 25,815 years. Those are just the stats that jumped out to us – Bluehole’s original article on IGN has plenty more. You wouldn’t believe how many people can’t stay out of the Red Zone.