Playfire and GMG give away From Software’s Ninja Blade and three other games


In the most leisurely definition of ‘weekend’ yet, gaming social network Playfire and digital retailer Green Man Gaming are offering a game for free every day from Friday to Monday. In chronological order, those games are: Zombies, an ungoogleable indie shooter; Ninja Blade, a hack and slash action thing from Dark Souls’ From Software; well-thought-of tower defence affair Unstoppable Gorg; and Milanese racing game Superstar V8 Next Challenge.

Friday, as the attentive among you will have noticed, is today. So we’d better get started.

Each game will be available for 24 hours and, “unlike other retailers who only offer free games for a weekend” will remain very much free so long as you grab them within the appropriate timeframe. Zombies’ slot has already begun:

Zombies – Available from 12:00 GMT, Friday 8th February

Ninja Blade – Available from 12:00 GMT, Saturday 9th February

Unstoppable Gorg – Available from 12:00 GMT, Sunday 10th February

Superstar V8 Next Challenge – Available from 12:00 GMT, Monday 11th February

You’ll need to register accounts on both the Green Man Gaming store and Playfire, and link them up. Find more info on how to do that here.

After Superstar’s time is up, Playfire will be holding a competition where five winners will choose between GMG Credit, XBL points or PSN credit to the tune of £100. More on that over at Playfire when the time comes.

The full disclosure: GMG are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN, who we are very happy to be working with. They keep us informed about new deals and special offers, but don’t have editorial approval over anything that we write up here. If it wasn’t for them, Julian would still be entombed within that giant, rotting peach.