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Play these PlayStation 4 exclusives on PC with PS Now

PlayStation Now subscribers will see an uptick in games available in the library, pushing the game list up to 500. That means players can also take these games to PC to play if they so choose. 

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If you're a PS Now subscriber and want to play on PC, you'll have access to games like The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, Journey, Killzone Shadow Fall, and a smattering of other titles playable on your computer. 

PS Now is currently $9.99 to try out for the first month for new subscribers, and $99.99 for a year's subscription. You can take advantage of the $9.99 offer for your first month all the way through September 22, 2017. If you've been eyeing all of those juicy exclusives PlayStation owners have had access to for some time, now's a great time to jump in and take the plunge. 

The service is currently only available in the following regions: US, UK, Netherlands, and Belgium.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
8 Months ago

Of the titles you listed, only Killzone Shadow Fall is a PS4 port. It's worth noting that most of the titles on PS Now are actually the PS3 versions of the game (yes, that includes TLoU, RDR, Journey, all the available Uncharted games).

The list of PS4 games is limited to around 30 titles, most of which are off-hand unknown titles. Killzone is by far the largest name on the list.

That said, the deal seems a good one. To my knowledge (I don't actually have an active subscription) you need a PS3/4 controller to play any of the games, so if you own one then I'd recommend investigating. Not true PC gameplay, but it's the only way you can play RDR on a PC without forking out for a console :P