adds Dota 2 smart highlights – an automatic record of all your sweet moves

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If you’re unfamiliar, is a mix of the magical post-recording technology of Shadowplay and the Clips utility of Twitch. While those are competitive areas, it’s one of the more commonly used pieces of tech for the job and now they’re improving it. Today, is upgrading its Dota 2 support to automatically highlight important moments in a game – kills, assists, kill-streaks, courier/roshan kills, basically any time something or someone dies.

You’ll want to be playing the most effective Dota 2 heroes in your new montages.

The plan is for the new optimization to let players spend more time playing, less time editing down their highlights for YouTube videos and the like. It should also make montages of the upcoming International tournament easier to put together. Here’s exactly what will be automatically pulled out:

  • Every Kill, Killstreak, Multi-Kill, Deny, Assist, Death, Suicide, Tower Destroyed, Barracks Destroyed, Roshan Kill and Courier Kill bookmarked on your session timeline
  • Match highlights pre-selected and ready to share, with editing optional but not necessary
  • Automatic tagging for in-game events, heroes, and your Steam name

As someone who has spent a bit of time trying to make quick ‘n’ simple highlight videos, it takes more effort than you might imagine, even with something like Shadowplay. This, and hopefully upcoming integrations like it for other games, means pro players and others can focus on playing, rather than breaking out Premiere.

You can grab the tool via their website.