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Plight of the Zombie giveaway! We’ve got 20 copies of this puzzler to give away!

Plight of the Zombie gameplay screenshot

Zombies have had a pretty tough existence thus far. Frequently vilified, we as humans have revelled in scattering their entrails across every surface imaginable for decads. In Plight of the Zombie, however, you fill the shoes of the very hungry undead as they traverse across over 50 puzzles in search of, well, delicious brains. 

As you complete each level, avoiding obstacles such as pesky humans and collecting all the grey matter you can find, you’ll also be tasked with turning the fleshy beings you come across into fellow ravenous zombies to aid you in your cannibalistic pilgrimage. With the challenge increasing as you progress you’ll need more zombies with differing abilities to crack each puzzle. Your collectibles can then be turned into brain bucks, which you can use in the store to buy cosmetics such as hats (of course) for you to style your zombie horde with.

We’ve got 20 copies of this brain teasing puzzler to give away, and all you need to do for a chance to win is enter in our widget below. Each action gives you one entry into the giveaway, so the more entries you complete the more chances you’ll have to win. We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code should win – no spam, we promise!

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Plight of the Zombie giveaway