Pokemon Snap for Nintendo Switch, as Temtem heads to version 1.0

Pokemon Snap is coming to the Nintendo Switch as the monster hunter resurgence continues with new details on Temtem, and the recently announced Palworld

Pokemon Snap, the classic monster hunter spinoff for the N64, is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. And genre fans have even more to celebrate as the developers of Temtem announce plans to leave Early Access, and the new open-world monster RPG Palworld gets a new trailer.

Nintendo Switch Online and expansion pack members – you will need both – will be able to download Pokemon Snap from June 24th, according to an announcement from Nintendo of America.

So if like me, you miss riding around Pokemon Island – the beach, the river, the volcano – hanging out the side of that weird buggy thing, trying to time it just right so you can impress Professor Oak with a picture of Gyrados, well then your time has finally come again. More recent fans of Pokemon might find themselves a little surprised, however – there are only 63 Pokemon in Pokemon Snap, representing about half of the original (and in my opinion best; yes, I am old) roster from when the franchise first launched in 1996.

Regardless, it’s a neat addition to your Switch Online lineup, and a great way to relive some of those classic N64 days.

If you want something more modern, however, the monster hunter genre is currently experiencing a bit of a revival. Temtem, the Pokemon-like that first appeared back in January 2020 is now scheduled to leave early access this coming September, and developer Crema has begun posting updates on what you can expect from version 1.0.

There’s also Palworld, a darker, more adult spin on the monster genre, which recently got a new trailer at Future Games Show. We won’t spoil it for you, except to say it’s a lot more combat-based than other hunter or monster breeder games, and the Pokemon – the colourful, adorable Pokemon – have guns.

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We’ll bring you updates on Temtem, Palworld, and everything else in the monster hunting world as they arrive. Until then, scratch the itch with Pokemon Snap, which goes live on Switch Online June 24th.