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Inscryption creator’s next game is a surreal fantasy

Pony Island 2, Inscryption creator Daniel Mullins's forthcoming game, is a trippy fever dream that takes apeople on a wild adventure.

An image of King Yan from Pony Island 2.

Inscryption creator Daniel Mullins Gaming has announced Pony Island 2: Panda Circus, the sequel to the 2016’s game Pony Island. Pony Island 2 looks to be an even wilder take on the trippy retro-style fantasy adventure that made players love the original.



The studio revealed the trailer during The 2023 Game Awards, showing off a fascinating fever dream of a world that mixes retro game style with live-action elements. It also features voice actor and YouTuber SungWon “ProZD” Cho, as it appears he is a major player during live-action segments in Pony Island 2 the role of King Yan.

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“Pony Island 2: Panda Circus is a phantasmagorical voyage through time, myth, divinity, and video games. Escape the lordly deities of the underworld with your soul, and your sanity, intact. This is not a game about ponies,” the description on the reveal trailer says.

The trailer shows a character moving through pixel-style maps, interacting with a character in live-action on a television screen. It also shows a number of point-and-click, puzzle-like elements.

But it’s also so much more than that, as it’s clear the game is filled with tricks and surprises. One line that appears in the trailer seems ominous in stating that “Those pandas died so painfully… why was I spared?” And, with this being the newest release from the masterful minds behind Inscyption, it’s sure to be dark, twisted thrill ride.

Inscryption, the roguelike deck-building game that was also nominated for Best Independent Game and Best Sim/Strategy Game during 2021 Game Awards, has reached more than 1.46 million sales. Many consider it one of the best indie games on PC and one of the best card games on PC.

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