Portal’s development history, betas and big changes over time explored in new video

Portal making of

Valve News Network, a YouTube channel dedicated to everybody’s fav monolithic PC gaming guardian, has released a new video focused on the making of Portal. It’s a seventeen minute run-through of everything that happened along the way, from the original forming of Nuclear Monkey Software, the team that would make Narbacular Drop, through their demonstration to and hiring by Valve and all the different beta phases the game had.

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It’s fascinating, especially seeing just how many times it was completely redesigned. Glados went through so many changes it’s a marvel we got one of the most recognisable villains in gaming history out the other end.

It’s good to see this sort of history preserved, especially for a company so impenetrable as Valve. Stuff from this era can be very difficult to collect due to most sites from the early 00s having gone through massive, archive-destroying redesigns. Combine that with Valve’s total lack of community management, public relations or customer service and it’s particularly difficult to get to the facts.

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