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Poster revealed for new Dota 2 documentary ‘Free To Play’


Icefrog, the Dota legend himself, has posted on his Facebook page the new poster for the Dota 2 documentary Free To Play, which follows the lives of those players competing in the annual Valve-hosted International Dota 2 tournament. 

The poster gives a website address that hasn’t gone live yet – www.freetoplaymovie.com – and is suitably blue filter for my tastes.


This poster comes from a Korean website that visited the Valve HQ in Seattle recently, and has put up a fascinating assortment of pictures, including ones of a massage room and of a room that Google translate described as an “in-house barber shop”. Actually my translate picked up quite a few adorable phrases, such as, “sealed letter used in the making is where the tensile”, “Dota 2 team was able to see the work of” “company’s iconic ‘valves’ a bunch. Its purpose?” and finally concluding “It is a little quirky, but hangers”.

As we wait for the website for the film to go live, you can watch the trailer here:

It’s trying a little hard, in that I feel like my sympathy is being forced for what are essentially professional e-sportsmen who have chosen a career – extremely privileged young men who still have time for school work – rather than focussing on what should be a thrill-ride geek-em-up to the end smack talk. I find it hard to think about exactly how much sympathy I really have for someone who gets to choose what kind of build order they play for a living. But okay. I admire their dedication. I can appreciate the hngggggggnnnnnhs and hurrrrggggggghs.

You can watch the previous little documentary Valve made about the last Internationalhere.

No release date as yet.