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Prey 2 “was a lot more than a demo” claims ex-Human Head employee

Taking to Twitter to correct what he calls “a lot of old lies” being spoken about Human Head’s cancelled Prey 2 project, ex-Human Head narrative designer and writer Jason Blair claims that what the studio worked on “was a lot more than a demo” and that when Bethesda pulled the plug on its development it was “a full game. And a crazy fun one.”

Blair was responding to talk of Human Head’s Prey 2 being essentially a tech demo, one which Bethesda saw as a costly expense and pulled the plug on. This talk was tied into rumours that development of the Prey sequel being passed to Arkane, the makers of Dishonored.

Blair began:

The full story of Prey 2’s development still hasn’t emerged from Human Head. The studio was working on the game full time for more than two years before we began hearing of problems between the developer and the publisher. Apparently, Bethesda were disappointed with the quality of the game Human Head were putting together but Human Head claimed that they’d not worked on the game for number of months following a contract dispute. Eventually Bethesda decided to pull the plug.

To be clear, Blair isn't saying the game was finished but that the scope of the game and what the studio was developing was wider than simply a proof of concept demo to show at conventions. This isn't a Battlefront 3 situation.

We’re currently looking into the rumours of development of Prey 2 moving into the hands of Arkane.

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VinsanityV22 Avatar
5 Years ago

I don't get why Bethesda would've pulled the rug out from under Human Head's feet. I mean, Prey 2 impressed a lot of people at E3 2011 - they were sitting on a, perhaps, Dishonored-type hit before Dishonored was even announced.


If Bethesda had a problem with the game's quality, why not throw another studio at it to help out... say, Arkane Austin? Or id Software? Or the guys who did Brink who's name escapes me at the moment? Bethesda has plenty of shooter developers under their roof - talented ones. They seem to have mismanaged the sh** out of this game... which is weird because Bethesda usually does right by their games. Sad.


I'm also sad that Arkane Austin is picking up development. Not because of Dishonored's quality (I dig that game), but because the reports say they don't want to work on it, and also that Bethesda wants them to treat it like a System Shock sequel. I mean, WHA!?! What is the point of even keeping the Prey name at that point? I suppose we'll see, but right now, it sounds pretty effed up right here.


Here's hoping Human Head gets a big contract soon. They seemed like a promising developer at the beginning of the generation with the original Prey. And I hear they helped out with Bioshock Infinite in some capacity. But - as Timegate's situation has proven - you cannot survive exclusively by doing outsourcing for other studios these days.