Prey glitch allows players to generate unlimited crafting resources

Prey Crafting Recycler Glitch Arkane Studios

A rather industrious glitch (see above video) has been discovered in brand new action-adventure Prey which enables players to effectively provide themselves with unlimited crafting resources. The exploit, which was originally exposed on the Random Chievo’s YouTube channel, makes use of the in-game material recyclers to effectively reproduce items over and over.

Unsure about Prey? Check out our very own Matt and Rich playing through it.

To use it, players will need to play the game for about an hour until they come to main character Morgan Yu’s office. At this point, the material recycler will be usable. By filling the recycler up with already-recycled stuff and dividing it into at least four piles, you can effectively carbon-copy everything. It’s expected that this exploit will be patched out post-haste, so get em while they’re hot!

To start abusing this little programming error, get yourself over to Steam and grab a copy of Prey for $59.99/£39.99.