From mugs to crossbows, here’s 7 things in Prey that aren’t what they seem


Prey is out today, and everything is not what they seem. Like the fact that the game is apparently ‘Bioshock in space’, because it’s not really all that much like Bioshock. But the same can be said about every mug, chair, and medpack in the game; they could actually be a shape-shifting alien. And that’s just the start of it. There’s so much in Prey that’s ready to deceive you that we had to make a video to warn you of the dangers.

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Click the play button above and Alice and Matt will tell you all about seven things in Prey that work differently to how they look. Think that grenade will blow people up? Think again, this time with a more environmentally friendly angle. Oh, and that crossbow you’ve seen in the trailers? It certainly won’t be pinning any bad guys to the wall…

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